Primer dia de terapia en Camino!!!

Dia 3, we started with circle time in the Mariel’s  class. The night before we had made name charts in the shapes of a house and a school. We had written the name of the students and we had drawn body parts. All  of this material was used today when circle time was implemented. Cate and five other clinicians engaged the students in circle time. “De las cabeza hasta los pies” was read to them and the students got so engage and participate acting out the story.  They loved circle time and want more!!!!!

Carla had her first session ever and it was such a success. Congratulations!!! Other students observed her client and he showed us great aural potential. He loved playing the memory game that Carla had prepared for him.  After “merienda” we went to Lais’s class and we engaged the students in play activities to stimulate language development, such dominoes, jenga, memory game. It was so much fun and we also learned a lot of signs from the kids.

Christine talked to Mireya and was really impressed by how smart she is. Mireya is so eager to learn and is so curious about everything. She was always asking more questions. Her level of written and reading Spanish is very high. They talked a lot about their families and they had a really interesting conversation.

The hearing tests also continued today. We interviewed the parents and they shared a lot of information about the children. Dr. Innis had a donation of 8 hearing aids, and we are trying to evaluate who would benefit the most. We wish we could aid every single child though…

After Camino, most of the students headed to the integrated school. Five students read “El Pez Arco Iris” out loud in one of the integrated classrooms and Dr. Crowley asked the class some follow up comprehension questions. Two other students did a joint reading of “De La Cabeza a Los Pies”, also followed by some comprehension questions. It was amazing to see some of the children from Camino in the integrated classrooms raising their hands to answer comprehension questions. Finally, the students led the classroom in some group songs such as “Mi Cuerpo”, “El Payaso Plim Plim”, “Los Elefantes” and “La Arana Pequenita”.

During the evening practicum, Jean ___,a freelance journalist that has frequently written articles about Bolivia for Time Magazine, facilitated a group discussion about Bolivian culture with our group of students. It was really eye-opening to learn about topics ranging from Bolivian politics and government to medicine and the intervention/knowledge that needs to be built around cleft palates and cerebral palsy.


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