Día 2 en Camino!!!!

Day 2 at Camino. Today we had several incredible experiences. The day started off with presenting Paola from Camino with funds raised by the TC students throughout the past year. We were then given an opportunity to observe the classrooms of the students that we are going to be working with. We observed their morning routines and determined the routines we can implement, such as circle time and scripted routines (e.g., interactive activities that involves calendars, attendance, weather, etc).

We were so excited about our donation that the money ended up on the floor!!!

The TC family with Paola giving her the donation the former TC students  raised for Camino!!!

We were able to observe and participate during the phonetic/phonologic evaluation and the clients were assigned to us. After the merienda (mid-morning snack) we also participated and observed audiological evaluations to determine the need for hearing aids.

After the school day was over in Camino, some of the TC students went to observe the integrated students from Camino in the regular education setting. They learned about their educational curriculum  as well as they learned beautiful songs that we will happily implement at Camino!!!!


3 thoughts on “Día 2 en Camino!!!!

  1. You all continue to do such amazing things, even for the time that you’re not in the direct presence of the students. Keep doing what you’re doing !!! :o)

  2. I have learned so much about the people and country of Bolivia. I am looking forward to hearing about the children, the schools and the services that you will be providing over the next two weeks. Good Luck.Bob Donohue

  3. It is amazing to see the carry-over and improvements from year to year. Keep up the great work!

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