Nuestro primer día en Camino y Cerefe!!!!!

Today we took a tour to both of the schools and got to know the amazing professionals working with children with disabilities.
We first arrived at Cerefe where we were very welcomed by the new director Mr. Quiroga who explained to us the new changes in the institution such as the effort to integrate the students into regular educational schools and the community. We were also given a tour of some of the classrooms and we were introduced to the students. This gave us an opportunity to observe the interaction between the teacher and the students, the resources available and the set up of the classrooms.
Also we were able to visit “El taller de costura” where teenagers to young adults learn vocational skills such as sewing, embroidering, and selling their own products. They showed us some of the items that they designed. In addition, the teacher explained that these skills enable them to be integrated in the workforce. We were so impressed by the clothes that they had sewn!!!!
After this first amazing encounter we visited Camino. We were welcomed with a well organized choreography of a traditional Bolivian dance and they signed a beautiful song by Grupo Boliviano Octavia called “Bienvenido”. We were moved by the lyrics of the song because it demonstrated how appreciative they are of the services that we have been providing. The icing of the cake was the atapi (it is a Bolivian style pot luck) which we enjoyed so much and look forward to working with the Camino family.

El atapi estuvo delicoso!!!!

Another picture of the delicious food that the kids helped make!

La familia de Camino y la familia de Teachers College!




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